Jacked Gymnastics Seminars

What Will a Seminar Cover?

Jacked Gymnastics seminars are led by Matt James. Matt is a former elite gymnast, having been a member of the Junior National Squad for many years. For the last 5 years Matt has been dedicated to mastering gymnastics specifically for the sport of fitness. He has worked with thousands of people from beginners looking to get their first muscle-up, all the way up to Games athletes.

Each seminar is limited to a maximum of 12 spots to ensure every participant has adequate time learning from Matt. The seminars run over 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), usually starting at 9am and finishing around 3/4pm.

The 2020 seminars cover;

• Strict and kipping ring muscle-ups

• Free standing handstand and handstand walking

• Butterfly pull-ups and kipping bar muscle-ups

• How to warm-up effectively

• Joint prep and pre-habilitation

• Mobility

• Handstand push-ups

• Strict gymnastics strength & conditioning

• Programming and a Q&A.

As you can see the weekend is packed out to give you the opportunity to learn as much as possible from Matt.

Participants should already be able to consistently do 3 strict pull-ups and 3 strict ring dips before attending a seminar.

 We have had several Jacked Gymnastics seminars at CF Takomo.
Seminars are always planned smartly and coaching is super professional where all individuals get attention.
I can highly recommend Jacked Gymnastics!

Tero / Founder and owner of CrossFit Takomo

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