Master the Basics – Kipping Ring Muscle Ups

Master the Basics – Swinging on the Rings for Kipping Muscle Ups

Master the Basics – Strict Ring Muscle Up

In an ideal world, you would learn a strict muscle up first, and if you can’t then I strongly recommend you read the strict muscle up post. That being said, I understand that for most of you Crossfit addicts you just want to get that kipping muscle up. So I’ll leave the decision to you. However, I do have a couple of rules. 1) If you can’t do 3 strict pull ups and 3 strict ring dips, stop trying to do a muscle up. 2) If you can’t swing on the rings properly, work on that first. There are two links above to help you.

Now you may proceed …

  1. Master the swing first. Like I say, the majority of issues with a kipping muscle up stem from the swing. There’s very little change for a MU. See my separate blog post for swinging on the rings.
  2. Don’t pull too early. Finish the swing and stay relaxed, you don’t need to start pulling on the rings, a decent swing will create more then enough momentum for a muscle up, you really don’t need to pull that much.
  3. Don’t use a false grip. If you think using a false grip for kipping muscle ups is easier, then you have a bad swing and you’re not working efficiently. Remember, false grip is for strict muscle ups, not kipping.
  4. Use your hips, followed by fast elbows. At the top of the swing fire your hips high towards the rings/ceiling and then move your elbows over the rings fast into the dip position. Keep your grip relaxed and think about flicking your hands over the rings so that your grip is straighter as opposed to your wrists being bent back.
  5. If stringing together multiple muscle ups then on the way down think about dropping your shoulders back, but actually try not to bend your arms, as you fall back lift your feet towards the ceiling and you will fall into the swing and keep momentum for the next muscle up.


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